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How many units of Galaxy Note 8 do you expect to sell Samsung?

Samsung is having a most positive month of August. The Korean company has already presented its flagship by the end of the year. The Galaxy Note 8, which continues to reap good reviews. A smartphone that has been a great improvement for the company. Also in the field of photography. And it is a device that millions of people want to have.

We have already told you a good promotion to take into account to buy this Galaxy Note 8. Samsung knows that the device is bound to be a success in sales. In fact, the first estimates of sales of the new high end of the company are already known. And the figures leave no doubt about their success.

11 million units of Galaxy Note 8

It was DJ Koh , which we have talked about before, who has stated the company’s estimates. Samsung hopes to sell more than 11 million units of Galaxy Note 8. 11 Million! It is certainly an impressive figure, especially considering the current market. And that also shows the ambition of the company and the enormous potential that this new high range has.

The Korean executive said the Galaxy Note 5 already sold 11 million units in its day. So the company hopes to overcome these great results with this new device. A phone that many experts crown as the best smartphone on the market. So the Galaxy Note 8 certainly has potential to reach that sales figure. Although there is one factor that can bring you problems. As you have already imagined, we refer to its price. Taking into account the price of 1,010 euros you have, you can generate reticence among users. While there are plenty of reasons to buy a phone at this price.

From September 15 the Galaxy Note 8 will be available worldwide. That is when we can start to see if the new Samsung phone meets the expectations of the company. And we will also see if it finally manages to reach or not the 11 million units sold. What do you think? Will the Galaxy Note 8 come to this amount of sales?

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