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Cherry’s new ergonomic keyboard is called MX Board 5.0

Peripheral manufacturing specialist Cherry has introduced its new ergonomic MX Board 5.0 keyboard. A new keyboard that drinks from all the experience that this manufacturer has. In the manufacture of this type of peripherals. And that is equipped with its precise Cherry MX Silent Red switches. That will delight all players.

If there is a high range inside the manufacture of keyboards, those are without a doubt, the mechanics. And if there is a manufacturer that has always stood out above the rest, that is Cherry. The fact is that if you go to the doctor or some office of the administration, the keyboards that you are going to find are, in great majority, manufactured by Cherry.

Then there’s the subject of the mechanical switches he makes, not just his keyboards. If not also for most keyboards manufacturers on the market. They want to give the Cherry touch to their keyboards. But far from the sobriety that has always characterized the models of this brand. And, mind you, Cherry’s keyboards are perfect for playing. But they are by no means as colorful as those of other brands like Corsair, for example.

The MX Board 5.0 integrates all the features of a top-of-the-range keyboard

The Cherry MX Board 5.0 integrates the Cherry MX Silent Red switches into your body. These mechanical switches have a linear activation. Requiring only 45 cN (centiNewtons), being a quite popular choice among players. Although they are also quite popular among those who spend enough hours typing on the keyboard. Since they include a system of noise cushioning. Of the quality of these switches speaks the fact of being tarados in 50 million pulsations. Although versions can also be found manufactured with the classic switches Brown, Red, Blue and Black.

As a great innovation of this keyboard, Cherry has partnered with the company Typemates to create a completely unique letter design to record over the keys of their keyboards. This new typography has been designed to guarantee a perfect illumination of the keys.

Of course, the new Cherry MX Board 5.0 includes the recognition of high-speed pulsations. As well as N-key rollover and anti-ghosting. Basic features you should have every good gamer keyboard to honor.

The price of the Cherry MX Board 5.0 is now available at a price of € 159.

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Last updated on October 4, 2018 11:59 pm

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