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Why Facebook and Instagram were dropped yesterday?

If you used any of these apps yesterday, you will have seen that Facebook and Instagram fell on Saturday, August 26. Many users have wondered in social networks the reasons for this fall, or what happened to both networks were reporting errors, bugs and problems for hours. Today we tell you.

Facebook and Instagram Falls

Facebook and Instagram are hosted on Mark Zuckerberg’s servers. But yesterday, both networks were reporting problems and affected users around the world, as well as Spain.

What users noticed, is that Facebook did not work, as did Instagram and Messenger. However, WhatsApp did work steadily despite being owned by Mark.

What happened to fall only these networks?

Everything indicates that a migration from the IBM servers to theirs has been due. This would have caused that for some minutes and even hours, these networks were giving problems to the users, who could not use them with total normality.

When did the problems begin to be recorded?

On Facebook and Instagram the problems started about 3:00 pm to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. The users were faced with strange cuts, problems in the servers where they are housed that prevented the users to accede with total normality. Could not access, see the latest news, etc. However, as we already told you, it was something punctual from yesterday because now it is solved.

Facebook did not say about it

We are also very impatient, but we expected a response from Facebook to tell us what happened and we did not have any official response. We do not really know what happened, but we figured it out, because as we told you before, a WhatsApp migration from IBM servers to Facebook was scheduled . Come on, this might have been what turned everything upside down.

It makes sense of course. Did you experience these problems? Do you think they can be due to anything else? For now, everything has been restored to normal.

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