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Watch out for WhatsApp’s bum about the missing girl

Bulo whatsapp nina disappeared

Watch out for WhatsApp’s bum about the missing girl !! Circulates a new hoax by WhatsApp reporting that a girl has disappeared. But it’s all a lie. If you receive it, do not give it diffusion, because as we say, it is totally false news.

In it we can see that if we get the notice about the missing girl by WhatsApp, let us ignore or give continuity, since it is a lie.

WhatsApp Bulo on Missing Girl

WhatsApp is one of the preferred sources for many to share all kinds of content. Sometimes what we receive is true, but many times, they are just lies. That’s why it’s important to be aware that not everything you get for WhatsApp is true.

And is that as we say, many users ran into this chain message that reports that a girl has disappeared. The message is as you see it in the previous image. Because what has been leaked is a photo and a text in which this is reported. Apparently there are no links or anything like that.

The message in question is as follows

Hello good evening, this 12-year-old girl has disappeared. It’s from a colleague of ours. It has disappeared in the medieval market in the area of ​​Almeria. The father has sent an audio to all the companions that had in the mobile. Please, if someone has seen you contact the police. I wish it would be a scare alone . ”

When you receive this message what you sing is that it is very poorly written. The spelling is bad and the use of expressions even worse. Normally, when we receive these types of messages it is clear that this is a lie. That is why it is important not to spread it and filter it on the networks, so that everyone knows that it is a lie, and that they do not pay attention if they receive it.

Have you received it? What do you think of this type of chains? 

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