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A thousand reasons to spend 1,000 euros on a mobile phone (we actually give you 6)

Do you think that to buy a cell phone for € 1,000 is to be completely crazy? A little yes, but in many cases, it is more than justified. And is that, in general, users who spend so much money on your smartphone is not because they need it and will squeeze it to the maximum, but in many cases is because they like and want to have the latest technology, the best mobile phone Year simply, be it Apple, Samsung …

Battery Note Galaxy 8

6 Reasons to spend 1,000 euros on a mobile

Here are some reasons to spend a whopping 1,000 euros on your smartphone:

Because you want the best

If you are spending 1,000 euros on your next smartphone is because you want to buy the best mobile phone of the moment. For this price, you will have the latest model of the iPhone, Samsung or any expensive top of the range that comes to market, such as Pixel. Whether you want to boast of having the best mobile phone or want to have it because you like to have the best, is a very respectable reason.

The best camera

If your are the photos and you prefer to avoid the SLR on your getaways, with a mobile of 1.000 euros you are sure to take one of the best cameras of the moment. There are always some who win and get better points. For example, the new iPhone and Pixel 2 point high.

Updates 2-3 years

Living updated matters, because that depends on what will last the smartphone. Something good about expensive mobiles is that they are usually updated at least 2-3 years more. In the case of Apple, more even being alone.

Enviable design

The top-of-the-range mobile phones are usually beautiful. Good materials and a characteristic design, so you can not resist buying them. Apple has done well with the iPhone, because it is a design that likes and that many manufacturers copy.

The best features + innovation

The best mobiles of the year always come with the best: last processor, lots of RAM, leftover storage … and everything new is coming. If you want the best, you’ll find it on the most expensive mobiles. Yes, those 1,000 euros.

They sell better

An expensive mobile can still get you enough money in a year. You just lose 200 or 300 euros. It depends on the brand.

There are 6 reasons … but there are more!

This does not mean that there are Chinese phones for 300 euros that are luxury, but that is another issue! What reasons do you give us to buy such an expensive mobile phone?

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