FQ777 FQ20W Drone for putting together $56.99

As more and more drones are placed on moving parts, which can be folded in and out as needed, FQ777 goes a different way. Arms and propellers of the drone FQ20W are completely removable. Curious though is the promised high flight time.

FQ777 FQ20W drone

Model FQ777 FQ20W
Dimensions 22.7 x 22.7 x 10.0 cm
Weight 141g
Battery / endurance 7.4V 500mAh / 10-13 minutes
Camera 2MP (72op)

From FQ777 there were already in the past already many different models, and also some very good (even if the manufacturer itself and us with the cryptic product names does not please). So I was personally satisfied with the FQ777 FQ17W, which we had for testing here. This too had fold-down arms, which made them barely larger than my palm.

Once dismantled, the FQ20W is not much bigger. In addition you have but then the other items. This is unfortunately the problem with this design, because with many individual parts is also easily lost something. Any spare parts can be easily exchanged. The shops describe the Quadrocopter as DIY (do it yourself).

FQ777 FQ20W Drone Components Assembly
The arms are attached and secured with a lock

At first glance, the unusual design appears, which could really impress, but the specified duration of the flight. Here you can find information from at least ten to thirteen minutes. That would be the best value I would have ever had in comparable drones. Even if you assume that the values ​​are once again slightly exaggerated, ten minutes would be really good. I am curious about the first experience reports. The stated capacity of the battery is 500mAh, it is also interchangeable.

FQ777 FQ20W drone camera 2MP
The camera can be tilted 90 °

The camera has a resolution of two megapixels, respectively 720p @30fps for videos. The latter is quite nice in itself, but is likely to suffer from the lack of stabilization by a gimbal. After all, the camera is optional and does not have to be mounted if you do not need the feature.

The remote control, as with many other drones, strongly resembles a console controller. Here everything is in the usual position. The speed is changed by pressing the left stick and not over the shoulder buttons, otherwise there are no abnormalities. On the top is a holder for smartphones integrated.

FQ777 FQ20W drone remote control

I would have the FQ777 FQ20W probably alone because of the construction method worth mentioning. The promised flight time then gave the rash. If it were confirmed, the drone alone would be an interesting model. The plug function I find interesting, but do not yet see the real advantage, which is to arise thereby.

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