VTIN Punker Review: Outdoor Speaker with long recharge time for 22.99€

VTIN Punker is equipped with two 10 watt drivers, a strong battery, outdoor qualities and the comparatively small price! We have tested the outdoor speaker, if he holds what he promises you can get here.

VTIN Punker Outdoor Speaker

Technical specifications

Surname VTIN Punker
Sensitivity 80 dB
Frequency range 70Hz-20KHz
impedance 4 ohms
Driver 2 x 10 watts
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0, AUX
Battery capacity 4200 mAh / ~ 18 hours running time in the test
Weight 438 g
Dimensions 181 x 55 x 71 mm


The accessories of the VTIN Punker include a Micro-USB charging cable, an AUX cable, a carabiner hook and a user manual in various languages, including German and English. The loudspeaker is similar to the anchor SoundCore 2, arrived in a simple cardboard box undamaged.

Processing and design

At first glance the outdoor speaker leaves a solid impression, it is well processed and defects I could not find any. Similar to the Aukey SK-M12, the VTIN punk is also rubberized on the narrow sides as well as on the upper and lower side. Unfortunately, this gumming is not as thick as the anchor speaker, which protects the speaker from falls. On the front and rear, the drivers are protected by a classic metal grille.

Like most outdoor speakers, the VTIN Punker is simple and only available in black and black / silver, with the silver limited to four smaller accents at the corners of the speaker.

With a size of 181 x 55 x 71 mm, the loudspeaker is quite compact and therefore takes up little space in the luggage. Despite the somewhat smaller battery compared to the anchor SoundCore 2, the VTIN Punker weighs about 20 grams more with 438 grams, which is still a good value. The Mpow Armor Outdoor Speaker weighs twice as much.

Other outdoor speakers, which we have already tested, are equipped with at least one IPX5 protection from all directions. This, however, is only equipped with an IPX4 protection against spraying water.

Sound of the VTIN Punk

Two 50 mm drivers with 10 watts of power are installed inside the outdoor speakerThere is also a passive spotlight on the back, which should provide for a rich bass. Despite the good conditions for a solid sound the basses are unfortunately not as strong as hoped.

VTIN Bluetooth Speaker Driver

In the area of ​​the high and middle tone, however, the sound of the VTIN Punker is correct, here the Bluetooth speaker sounds clear and, even at higher volume, clean again.


The connections of the Bluetooth Box are hidden on the right side behind a rubber cap. Unfortunately, this does not interfere with the connections, which reduces the protection against the penetration of water.

Behind the cap are micro-USB charging connector and AUX cable input.


To operate the outdoor speaker, four buttons have been installed, which are located under the rubber coating to prevent the ingress of water.

Functions of buttons

Buttons Press briefly Press and hold
Quieter Previous title quieter
Phone Play / Pause, answer / end calls Pairing fashion
volume up Next title volume up
On off On off


The VTIN Punker is in my opinion between the  Aukey SK-M12  and the anchor SoundCore 2  Outdoor Speaker, but is priced even below the Aukey SK-M12. So this speaker has the best price/performance ratio for me .

Unfortunately, the loudspeaker is protected with an IPX4 protection “only” from spray water or rain, while most outdoor speakers have at least an IPX5 protection against water jets from all directions. Here, everyone has to weigh what he has with the loudspeaker and in which situation this can come in contact with what amount of water.

Soundwise, the loudspeaker has a bit disappointing in the bass range, since basses do not come as strong as one might expect from the technical data. In the range of high and mid-range, the VTIN Punker makes a solid impression and reproduces music well at high volume.


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