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Cubiio: cubes for laser engraving in your own living room

Individuality is a word that is gaining in importance. Be it because we buy all sorts of goods off the shelf or we usually run behind the big brands as soon as these bring out a new product and therefore end up many the same smartphone or carry the same modemarke. Because, despite this behavior, we want to own, prove and preserve our own individuality, every human being finds his own way to stand out from the crowd.

Cubiio 1

Because of this, we have developed a number of ways to individualize our properties. While, for example, his shoes were still painted with Edding in his school days, in order to be unique and striking, one could, as a grown-up person, engrave his possessions, such as his furniture or his cutlery, in order to possess something entirely peculiar. Way too expensive? Much too cumbersome do you mean? Apparently not anymore. With the Kickstarterkampagne to Cubiio now comes a device on the market, with which one can carry out a laser engraving, cheaply and simply at home.

Like death’s death, only small and angular

To get a laser engraving, you had to know the right people so far, who have the right machines for such a project, and at the same time know how to deal with a laser. Cubiio simplifies this process enormously and at the same time makes it affordable for everyone. Inside is a blue semi-conductor laser from the German company OSRAM and two movable mirrors, which allow the beam to move along the X and Y axes. For use, the object to be engraved must then be placed ready, and then Cubiio is positioned  on its tripod and aligned with the object.

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When choosing an item, you can either give an engraving from wood, leather or various textiles to pancakes, or even cut them up to a certain depth. The motif selection and creation is easy to do via tablet or smartphone. The app allows you to select prefabricated motifs, you can insert your own or you can use the hand or a stylus to prescreen images and transfer them immediately.

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