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InnooTech: Favorable aroma diffuser for pleasant room climate

A healthy indoor climate consciously contributes to well-being. Dry air is regarded as an important criterion, since it has a negative effect on the mucous membranes and is generally perceived as unpleasant. Humidifiers or diffusers are also used to control this problem. A very quiet model with color changing modes we introduce you today with the aroma diffuser from InnooTech.

Innoo Tech Diffuser

The cylindrical shape of the InnooTech humidifier is narrower towards the top and does not look very spectacular, but rather restrained and simple. It is put into operation by simply plugging the mains cable into the socket. With the two buttons on the front of the device it can then be switched on and controlled. If the inner 100 millilitre tank is filled with water, it can start. Thanks to the anti-slip feet, a secure stand is guaranteed.

InnooTech: humidifier with color change mode

If the “mist” switch is pressed once, a red light is illuminated next to it and the interval mode is switched on. It is then sprayed for 30 seconds, followed by a 30 second pause. If the same button is pressed again, the diffuser will permanently spray a fine mist and moisten the air. This mode is indicated by a green LED. According to manufacturers, the spray has a range to cover a 15 square meter room and moisten the air.

The other control element is used for the control of the light unit. Once pressed, the color change mode is switched on, and seven harmonic colors with a smooth transition are reproduced. If a color is very special then it can be fixed with a simple renewed pressure on the “light” switch. The simple operation with only two buttons is a real plus of this product and is thus very intuitive.

Innoo Tech humidifier 1

Pleasant light and healthy air thanks to diffuser

The air humidification and lighting function thus already combines two factors which are supposed to contribute to a pleasant room climate. However, the diffuser can still be supplemented with aromatic oil so that a fresh fragrance is additionally contained in the spray mist. For this, a few drops of the oil are added to the water. If the tank is empty, the unit switches off automatically , the running time can vary depending on the mode.

The cleaning of the device has gone by the disassembly in the few items quickly from the hand. With warm water and a cloth, the diffuser is quickly ready for use again. All in all the device fulfills its purpose very well. It is hardly audible quietly and can be used so comfortably in the bedroom. The option to control light and spray separately is definitely another plus. The aroma diffuser can already be purchased for € 21.99.

Humidifier 1

Scope of delivery of InnoTech Aroma Diffusers (Picture: Manufacturer)

2 new from €20.99
1 used from €17.66
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Last updated on September 10, 2018 11:43 pm

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