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Void Pro RGB & Surround: new gaming headsets from Corsair

Just in time for the GamesCom 2017 Corsair introduces new headphone models

Corsair Void Pro RGB and surround: This is how the new gaming headsets from Corsair are called.

The gaming headsets have been reworked and are available both as wireless headphones as well as with USB and jack. With the updates of the Void Pro RGB Wireless, Void Pro RGB USB and Void Pro Surround, Corsair wants to score even more comfort, lower weight, longevity and better audio quality.

In order to make gaming fun a pleasure, Corsair equips the headphones with a balanced headband according to their own specifications. In addition, the ear pads made of memory foam should cushion the hours of pressure of the closed headsets.

All models are to be equipped with the same 50mm neodymium drivers, new unidirectional microphones with noise reduction and a Discord certification.

The Void Pro series is now available worldwide at all Corsair dealerships and through the Corsair Onlineshop. Void Pro RGB Wireless costs 120 euros (RRP), a wireless special edition in yellow is available for 140 euros, the USB versions cost around 100 euros and the Void Pro surround for 90 euros over the store counter.

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