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The 5 Mistakes Samsung Made in the Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 with S pen

The perfect cell phone does not exist, forget it. There is not a single mobile in the market that can meet everyone’s needs. Some want a great design, others a great autonomy and many want a great camera but there are none that meets all the requirements.

The Galaxy Note 8 has been presented and the truth is that it has many ballots to become, along with the Galaxy S8 and other mobiles, one of the best of the year. Now, I think that when Samsung designed the mobile knew that this would have shortcomings and although the mobile is impressive there are 5 things that Samsung could have improved. The Galaxy Note 8 has a glossy design, flag hardware, a stabilized double lens camera, and many more things but there are some shortcomings that have not made the phone perfect.

Galaxy Note 8 unboxing

The 5 Galaxy Note 8 Errors

Let’s analyze step by step everything that takes the Galaxy Note 8 and get the lace in the 5 things we would have liked to see in this Note 8.

There is no flat-screen version

We all know that Samsung this year has given up flat screens and the truth is that the Edge type screens look much better and more if they are Infinity Display. Now, although they are futuristic there are details that annoy.

How do you put a good screen saver on a curved screen? It is practically impossible unless it is of liquid application . Of course, for its price sure more than one wants to protect it but it will be very complicated.

The fingerprint reader, the same shit that in the Galaxy S8

When we did the review of the Galaxy S8 we already anticipated that there was a big mistake. The position of the fingerprint reader in the Galaxy S8 was not correct and in Galaxy Note 8 this is still there.

Yes, it is not that we need the fingerprint sensor on the front of the mobile but it would have been fine if it was centered in the back and not next to the camera where mortals tend to stain it.

Double camera Galaxy Note 8

The battery is a shit, this is not a Note

You have to see what happened with the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung designed two batteries that two different factories manufactured badly but the Galaxy Note 8 has a smaller battery than the Galaxy S8 + . How do you stay?

The Note series is characterized by being adapted to the businessmen and by having hardware that withstand the most demanding conditions. In the case of the Galaxy Note 8 we have a battery of only 3300 mAh for about 6.3 inches of screen and is relatively little. We do not understand how Samsung has not endowed it with greater autonomy and it is not that it will be bad but those who buy a Note expect at least 2 days of autonomy and with this battery is not going to be possible.

Different software, we want more

Samsung sells many mobiles and with it sells software that is increasingly far from Android. This is Samsung Experience and not TouchWiz as many believe but the truth is that the software is not bad at all.

I personally use a Galaxy S8 in my day to day and functions is not that they will be far away from this Note. It is true that we have an S Pen and some new things but …   are there really any new software in Note 8? It would have to exploit the edges much more in terms of their functions and do not have too many …

Its price is really high

Price Galaxy Note 8

And now we return to the usual. Is there really a cell phone that costs 1000 euros? Currently the Galaxy S8 can be found for a price that is around 600 euros and the truth is that, except for the double camera and S-Pen, there are not many differences. It is 40% less than

The Note 8 is an expensive mobile, has a great design, double curved screen, dual camera, an iris scanner but … is it really worth so much money? The one who purchases it in the pre-order can take a free Gear 360 or a wireless charging kit with a hard disk. And no, it does not cost 999 euros, it costs 1010 euros with 33 cents, a very high price but very high in its version of 64 GB and not 256 GB.

For us these are the 5 key flaws that make the Galaxy Note 8 not be the perfect mobile, in case we did not do it we believe that Note 8 would be much closer to having become that mobile that all the companies want to have.

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