How to Buy a Chinese Phone from Venezuela

Xiaomi 5X

With the political, economic and social situation of our country Venezuela, they have been modified and even closed doors that allow us to obtain many foreign articles, because exchange controls, insecurity and high shipping costs, make this subject a Both difficult to comment on the Venezuelan region. Faced with this problem, we know that there are a lot of people who want to acquire a foreign electronic device, the Chinese being a very viable option, since they occupy a good part of the global market due to its high quality and price, and through this post, you will know All about how to buy a Chinese phone from Venezuela in the most economical and simple way possible.

Across Venezuela, Samsung and Apple are the most talked about and most have phones in every state of the country. But it is important to note that outside our borders there is also a wide range of mobile device developers that enjoy very good prestige, here we find Asian companies like LG, Huawei, and of course, how to forget Xiaomi, OnePlus, Lenovo, Meizu, among others.

Chinese mobile phones

Points to buy a Chinese mobile

Compared to the two multinationals mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, many Chinese mobile phones have incredible features and upgrades, adding to the possibility of greater economy. In addition, as far as the transfer of such equipment, there are currently a large number of digital sites that have good offers and a shipping security that maintains a good reputation (below you will find the links).

Similarly, many of the smartphones produced in that continent, adhere to various layers of personalization, improved technical specifications and prices of laughter, as they can provide much at a cost that we would think would be greater, much greater.

Cheap and Recommended Chinese Phones

The list is immense, each Chinese company seeks to shine its prestige with the design of real beasts with great characteristics and good prices. Talking about flagships is talking about months and even years of work in Venezuela, but if we rummage through all the brands, we can find mobiles for less than 190 euros as the ZUK Z1 of Lenovo and the Xiaomi RedMi 3 that is available for less than 130 Euros, two phones with a great battery.

On the other hand, talking about good Chinese electronic companies is talking about Xiaomi, so if you want a complete list with equipment manufactured by this company, here are 7 of the best. In addition, we have come across terminals that are for sale in less than 100 euros, there we see designs of another Chinese firm: we are talking about Oukitel, a firm that together with Leagoo and Xiaomi make up the list of 8 mobiles for less than 100 euros.

In the current market has developed a very innovative feature: the double camera. If you think that this integration is only possible to enjoy in high-end mobile phones, you can not miss the Elephone P8 Mini, a smartphone with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage plus double rear camera for 115 euros. Now, if your budget is a little bigger, we also have a listing showing 5 Chinese mobile phones for less than 200 euros.

Xiaomi Mi6

On the other hand, one of the most important doubts that are present in all countries, is to know the frequency 3G and 4G LTE that works in each region, so if you also have this unknown, here you can know which bands are used In Venezuela. In addition, we know that the situation in our country is not the best economically, and that some of these phones can be expensive, but if we check the “offers” within Venezuela, we will find prices exuberant and possibly with fewer characteristics than those adhered To these smartphones.

Buying sites and mechanism to buy from them


Chinese shopping sites abound on the net, but if you want us to name the most reliable, with higher prices and better articles, you should know that sites like GearBest, Geekbuying and Banggood take the prize as the best to buy online. In its platforms you not only have mobiles, but also gadgets, SmartBands, equipment for domotizing the home and electronic accessories in general.

As for the purchase mechanism, all these sites allow us to pay without having a credit card or account in a physical bank, since we only need an account in one of the most used virtual banks worldwide: PayPal. If you work with companies that give you PayPal payments, you know what we’re talking about, but if you’re the first time you listen to it, to create a user on this platform you just need to enter personal data and that’s it! Your account to send and receive payments, among them, pay for your mobile.

I personally use PayPal, so I recommend it 100%. It projects the cost of the equipment, issues an invoice and has a policy of protection to the buyer quite interesting.

After choosing the device that we want to accompany us in our day to day, we can buy it as if it were Amazon or eBay, since basically it is the same mechanism where you give the address where you want to receive the package, etcetera.

Security issues with customs and shipping companies in Venezuela

Security hacker issues

All the companies mentioned above that offer a wide catalog of devices send to Venezuela, but hardly steps Venezuelans, first passes by the security and customs entities of the state. Both Geekbuying, GearBest and Banggood offer excellent security, but once it arrives in the country, responsibility lies with the customs and local shipping company.

As you must know, in Venezuela there are companies with prestige that are responsible for bringing our package since it enters the country: here we find companies like ZOOM, MRW, Ipostel, among others. But when we talk about the transfer from China, there are other companies that can take care of our device from abroad, Buy it in China, for example, where the package arrives first in Miami and then in our country. Another very good alternative would be Send Logistics, company in which we also have to create a locker to be aware of the state of the product shipment. They also have an office in Miami and another in Madrid.


The offers come and go, and in these times where Venezuela is immersed in a very bad economic situation, we can take advantage of good discounts to make us with a mobile of great specifications and much better than the prices that we find in several physical and digital stores that Make life in the Venezuelan region.

Security is also a bit of a hardship these days, but the companies mentioned above offer a very good warranty and backing, from the moment we make the purchase, until we receive the shipment.

And of course, do not worry about the quality of Chinese phones we have suggested, as they have great features that compete with other phones recognized worldwide. And everything varies according to your budget, but in Androidphoria we have several lists that even have mobile devices ranging from 60 dollars.

What Chinese mobile device do you intend to purchase? We await your concerns in the comments section. If this post has been useful, you can let us know in all our social networks.

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