How long does the Galaxy Note 8 battery last? Less than the Galaxy S8+

Battery Note Galaxy 8

A time ago that the Galaxy Note 8 was officially presented and when it was released to the market there were 5 errors that Samsung committed. Yes, one of them is their small battery and is that we can not understand how the Note 8, a flagship of 1000 euros, can mount such a small battery.

We have already understood this 2017 that the mAh number is just a number. Samsung has demonstrated with the Galaxy S8 that you can get 6 or 7 hours of display with 3000 mAh on a screen of 5.8 inches but that is why we have understood that the battery was that, not less.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has mounted a battery smaller than the Galaxy S8 + in the Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 is no more than a hypervitamined Galaxy S8 but if we make a small comparison, at a glance, we see that the Note 8 battery is 200 mAh smaller than the Galaxy S8 + with a screen of 0.1 inches more.

We have 3300 mAh for a 6.3 inch screen and on the Galaxy S8 + we have about 3500 mAh for a 6.2 inch screen. The hardware is practically identical, but the autonomy with this capacity can not be exceptional. With this data we have between 10 and 15% less battery life and then summarize what the results would be.

The battery complies, but could be much better

Samsung has assembled an Exynos 8895 and a Snapdragon 835 made in 10 nm that perform very well at efficiency level. What’s more, Samsung has seen how the autonomy of the Galaxy S8 broke all standards and exceeded that of the Galaxy S7 despite having the same capacity and 0.6 inches more screen.

The Note 8 wanted to assure with respect to the reliability of the battery but we do not understand how, working in the Galaxy S8+, could not work in Note 8 at least with the same capacity.

Space problems

Samsung has not said, of course no, Samsung claims that Galaxy Note 8 with its 6.3-inch screen and Infinity Display with QHD + resolution is more than capable to endure a long day with its 3300 mAh battery. This is confirmed by The Investor portal.

Samsung claims that the 10 nm of its processors allow to enjoy an energy efficiency of 30% with respect to the previous generation and in addition they have a software that adapts the use of the battery to each user as well as the security of the same.

The battery of the Galaxy Note 8 will only lose 5% of its capacity in 2 years of use

That’s what Samsung claims, that the Galaxy Note 8 will barely lose battery capacity with use over the years but … is it enough? Let’s go with the actual battery life data. Samsung gives us exact figures and we see that the autonomy of the Galaxy Note 8 is less than the Galaxy S8 +.

Autonomy Galaxy Note 8

With this data, extracted from the website of Samsung, we see that the Galaxy Note 8 will offer a range similar to the Galaxy S8 or even higher, which is what surprises us most.

We can extract from the tests with the mobile that Galaxy Note 8 will be able to offer 5 – 6 hours of screen in the most demanding days and up to 2 days of autonomy with a more moderate use of screen that can go from 2 to 3 hours and a half during both days.

Looking at these official data and believing that yes it will be, with the improvements of Android Oreo is possible that even better, we can start to think that autonomy will not be the strength of Galaxy Note 8 but will not be a problem if given a Normal use to the phone and is not intended to have several days of autonomy.

Conclusion: It’s not milk, but it’s okay

That is the main conclusion we remove from all this. The Galaxy S8 + is able to offer screen days that can reach up to 8 hours without problem and in addition to that offer days of 2 days with up to 4 hours of screen.

The battery life of the Galaxy Note 8 will be a little lower but rather at the level of the screen because this year Samsung has managed to make the AMOLED screen spend very little and the processor also does what has had a very good impact on the autonomy . I have a Galaxy S8, which we have analyzed here, and I must admit that it has been the mobile with better autonomy that has had to date so if the Galaxy Note 8 is similar as says Samsung no one is going to complain about it. Of course, you can use these 10 tricks to save battery.


  1. The battery doesn’t last very long. I’ve had mine about a week and I need to charge it at least once a day sometimes twice. I thought it would stay charged at least a whole day. I’m not impressed with the battery life at all!

    • I have the same problem and I wonder if this should be the case or I just have faulty batteries. I just can not believe that Samsung would make such a mistake.

  2. Here is yet another complaint about the battery life of the new Samsung Note 8. I am not a massive user of my device but it needs to be charged at least twice a day. Very annoying and disappointing. I have had an iPhone6 for the past couple of years and the battery life on that was a full charge + for the day and then charge at bedtime, if needed, no problems.

  3. I got my Galaxy Note 8 less than a week ago. the only thing that does not impress me is… you guessed it… the battery life. I don’t have a problem with charging it once a day, although I believe a brand new Samsung battery should last at least 24 to 36 hours, especially on a note, considering a note is used more than a regular mobile phone. to be brutally honest I would not give up my Note 8 for anything except maybe an S8 plus that has a stronger battery… but hey what’s two more additional hours on video play or four additional hours of music? not very much if you look at it in the grand scheme of things. I’m happy with my new Galaxy got to take the bad with the good and if all I have to worry about is charging my device slightly more than normal so be it it’s a lot better than my Galaxy S6 poor thing after two years it was definitely Obsolete and time to get a new device

  4. I did research on this phone before my friend buys it, the specs with it’s battery size of 3,300mah is the correct. Complaints about battery life of this type of technology is just crazy, unrealistic, and unintelligent! Samsung did a great job at trying to keep battery life at maximum with this type of Technology! FYI I HATE ALL Android phone’s. Only one I’ll every buy is LG Stylo’s which I have the Stylo 3 plus now but I’m an iPhone lover and I’m getting an iPhone 8 plus 64GB real soon! The point is to get a powerbank and stop complaining because you have the most advanced technology in a smartphone that’s super thin!


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