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What do those who have tried the Essential Phone say?

A mobile is not bought every day, especially if it is expensive! That’s why, in this article we bring you an analysis-review where we give you our opinion on the Essential Phone, a top-of-the-range device that has no waste.

Essential Phone

Essential Phone: Traveler Reviews

But what do the users who have tried the Essential Phone say? If you want to know more about this device before making the jump to buy it, this interests you.

In its day and we speak to you of the Essential Phone, a device of high range that is not exactly economic but that the truth, is that it is very well, although it is different from what you will be accustoming.

Starting with the hardware we have that is awesome and you do not need more. The design is very well, with titanium and ceramics, resulting in a very complete and delicate flagship. Although you will have to forget about the resistance to water and the headphone connector, the latter unfortunately starts to be habitual, but it is what it touches.

On the other hand, we have to highlight its 128 GB of storage because it is quite, the ideal nowadays. And as for the battery life, it has far exceeded any test.

Essential phone

The loose sections: the camera and the screen

The screen of this device and the camera fall a little with respect to the competition, that take out beasts without any defect. However, it’s a bit in line with its price, about 625 euros. So do not expect much in this section (we’re not saying it’s bad, just not the best of the year).

Also emphasize that it lacks any kind of customization regarding the software. And finally to mention, it does not seem that we are going to have accessories “in sight”. Yes, some will come, but at the moment they have no fixed date.

Essential Phone

In conclusion, it is a great mobile but has “buts”

If you want power, Android, a nice and different device, is a big bet. You will not have the best camera or anything out of this world, but it’s not bad at all. The remarkable one takes it! What do you think of this Essential Phone?

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