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Will there be a cheaper Galaxy Note 8 with 4 GB of RAM?

Galaxy Note 8 4 GB RAM
I do not think so, honestly. A few weeks ago, a Galaxy Note 8 with 4 GB of RAM was leaked into TENAA and it may hit the market but … what sense would this have?

What is rumored is that there will be a top-of-the-range version with 256 GB of memory and 8 GB of RAM, something very specific for the Chinese market. We can not forget that even the Galaxy S8 received a version with 6 GB of RAM in the Chinese market although the 6 GB of RAM, currently, we are not going to remove anything.

Galaxy Note 8 with S pen

Does it make sense to release a version with less RAM?

Well the truth is that for Samung does not make sense. Launching a Galaxy Note 8 with 4 GB of RAM would launch a Galaxy S8 with S Pen and for that they already have the Galaxy S8 because the S Pen does not stop being postureo and more and more. In the face of the reason it would make sense to do so but in the face of business Samsung is not too concerned that the Note misses that category of prohibitive and exclusive, designed for the upper class.

It is possible that in the old Note of having an S Pen and more autonomy than in the current flagships was interesting but currently the Note is already a Premium device at the height of the iPhone, a great design, a large camera but little level User in terms of office tools.

Of course, Note 8 is much more than an iPhone

Now, despite being less Note that other years (even if its capabilities say otherwise), there is the Samsung DeX and some additions that really make it a powerful tool that does not convince us too much is that we are going to have to load it as we give it A lot of reed It is possible that Note 8 reaches 5 hours of screen or even at 6 but more will not be able to stand.

Returning to the dilemma, Samsung is not going to launch a Note 8 with 4 GB of RAM, at least in the West (North America and Europe). The price that exceeds the barrier of 1000 euros becomes really prohibitive for most human beings. The 4GB version exists or at least is shuffled for some markets but it seems complicated for Samsung to launch a cheaper version for 100 euros less. I wish we were wrong because it would be nice to do it …

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