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If you buy the Galaxy Note 8 you will have this gift from Samsung

Yesterday was a special day in the smartphone sector. And is that, after much waiting full of rumors, Samsung made the official presentations of Galaxy Note 8. After the disaster caused by the defects of Note 7 and its withdrawal from the market, this new phablet of the South Korean giant has the mission to recover that lost confidence and clean the macula in its image.

It seems that Samsung has learned to learn from their mistakes, not bad. Just take a look at the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which are real beasts leading the high-end Android. The new Note 8 has come with these awesome features, but also with these 5 errors that make it not perfect. Its price of 1,010.33 euros is not perfect either. But there is hope that a Galaxy Note 8 will arrive cheaper with 4 GB of RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with gift

While it is true that by paying such a high price we can not say that they are exactly gifts, nor should we ignore them. Yesterday Samsung opened the reservation deadline for the Galaxy Note 8, which ends on September 14.

Well, for those who opt for pre-purchase before the end of this period, they will also receive a Samsung DeX Station base. This is valid for both the normal version and the Dual SIM, from the official website of Samsung Spain.

The value of this gift is around 160 euros, so this is not a factor that can be decisive when deciding whether to buy Note 8 or not. What is important to note is that with the base Samsung DeX Station productivity reaches a new level. Why? Because it transforms the device into almost a computer . It arrived next to Galaxy S8, and the truth is that it captured much of the protagonism.

Buy the Note 8 outside of Spain and you will have other gifts

On the other hand, as we see on the Samsung Promotions website, there are more gifts for reservations outside of Spain. In particular, the Galaxy Note 8 comes in the company of three interesting add-ons, divided into two packs to choose from.

The most valuable is the one containing the Gear 360 camera, priced at 249 euros for the 2017 version. This camera is capable of recording videos in 360 with 4K resolution and relaying live from your app. The other pack has a value of about $ 190 and consists of the Wireless Charger  (Fast Wireless Charging Convertible) and a 128 GB microSD memory card (EVO Plus).

If we consider the specifications of the Galaxy Note 8 and what it is capable … It is not difficult to imagine that connected to DeX Station will be like having a desktop PC seamlessly integrated with Android. There is no doubt that they make an ideal match. Of course, the Gear 360 camera is also a very attractive complement. With it we can keep memories in the best way, in 360 degrees and in 4K.

So if you are thinking of buying the new Samsung flagship, keep in mind that if you do it during the pre-purchase period you will not get home just a high-end phablet. You will come a world of possibilities.

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