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The Galaxy S9 will have dual camera, will it be like the one in Note 8?

Rumors Galaxy S9

Samsung goes step by step. Although the evolution of the company has not been the same during the last few years the big S does not make big changes in its most precious series, which precisely carries the same letter.

The Samsung Galaxy S is never a mobile in which is usually experienced and to introduce the characteristics of the future has always been used the range Note. The Galaxy Note Edge was the first to mount a curved display and the Galaxy Note 8 is the first to have a dual sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy S9 will inherit the double sensor of Note 8

However, despite the Galaxy Note 8 has been presented at all, the upcoming Galaxy S9 is already under development and the latest rumors claim that the Galaxy S9 will follow that wake that has left Note 8 this year.

A quite famous leaker has suggested that the Galaxy S9 will have a dual camera configuration , surely very similar to the one that the Galaxy Note 8 mounts but perhaps improving the software a bit and applying the corrections that are detected with the Galaxy Note 8 experiences.

The camera of the Galaxy Note 8 makes some photos of scandal, you can see these samples waiting for the review by DxOMark. Of course, for this Galaxy Note 8 mounts two 12 + 12 MP sensors (like the Xiaomi MI 6) with aperture f/1.7 and optical stabilizer on both sensors.

The Galaxy Note 8 is the first mobile to mount an optical stabilizer in the two lenses of the double camera which allows the lens to provide a very good quality, a quality far superior to the high-end mobile phones such as the iPhone 7 Plus.

In addition to that, Galaxy S9, it seems that would be the first to incorporate a fingerprint sensor under the screen although returning to the beginning of the post we find it very rare that Samsung is encouraged to do so in the S series. We would like this to be So but it seems complicated that the fingerprint sensor on the screen arrives on the Galaxy S9. The Galaxy S9 will arrive in the spring of 2018.

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