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Samsung’s heir sentenced to 5 years in jail for corruption

The Korean company was having a most happy week. After presenting its new Galaxy Note 8, which is being very well received by both users and experts. But, Samsung does not end the week in a better way. In this case, the problem affects Lee Jae-Yong, Samsung’s heir.

Some of you may have heard in the news about the corruption scandal that caused the South Korean president to resign a few months ago. One of the people involved in this case is Lee Jae-Yong , who has been sentenced today to a five-year prison sentence for a corruption case.

5 years in jail for Samsung heir

A court in the company’s home country has been charged with carrying out the judicial process. And finally, after months of investigation, this pen is attributed to the heir of the technological giant. Lee was charged with bribery charges of 32 million euros. He was responsible for delivering these bribes to various foundations controlled by President Park’s confidant .

These payments were made in order to obtain favorable treatment from the South Korean government . And also, because it was the government that should support the merger of two firms linked to Samsung in 2015. A controversial merger, since the majority of the shareholders of the conglomerate were against this movement. Thanks to this merger, Lee Jae-Yong’s position in the company was strengthened. Although not without generating controversy.

Finally, the court has sentenced him to 5 years in prison. Although a total of 12 years was requested. Lee Jae-Yong has already announced that he will appeal to this ruling. And is that the defendant of 49 years is convinced that he will win and will not have to enter prison. The Asian country press has named this event as the judgment of the century, also because the former president sits on the bench. At the moment, as a result of this ruling, the Korean company has lost about 1% in the stock market. We will see how this story evolves.

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