Someone has seen the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and it looks awesome

Xiaomi My Note 3 filtered

In 2017 things to Xiaomi did not go very well. Both the Xiaomi Mi 5s and the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus were not sold enough and the Mi Mix and Mi Note 2 had to save the Chinese ballot.

Now, despite the fact that the Mi 5s did not sell much (I really do not understand why they have been two big mobiles) this year things to Xiaomi are doing very well but there will be again two successors to the two mobile stars of the year Last, the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. How will these phones?

Xiaomi My Note 3 real image

Filter the camera of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3

A few months ago we were able to try out the Xiaomi Mi 6 camera in its entirety and we concluded that it was a powerful camera with many capacities but … what will happen with the Mi Note 3 camera?

Many know that Xiaomi has physical stores in Hong Kong because, through Xiaomi Today, we learn that a photo of their stores has been taken with the Xiaomi Mi Note 3. It seems that the next Note of Xiaomi is ready and his camera It is loose on the street The photo is a normal photo but in the EXIF ​​information important data about your camera is filtered.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 3 has a double lens camera

It seems that the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 will have a camera very similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi 6, a camera with two 12 MP + 12 MP lenses with f/1.8 aperture. It is not the first time we heard rumors about Xiaomi and the launch of two flagships in September or October but many thought that Note 3 was not yet ready.

Xiaomi Camera My Note 3

Now, as a result of this leak, the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 could come even before the Mi Mix 2 or be a same device (something I do not discard either). If all the rumors are true the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 will come to market with a Snapdragon 835 inside, 6 GB of RAM and a design that surprises.

Have you seen Mi Note 3? How about? In the image above it looks like the new Mi Mix 2, we do not know what kind of device will launch Xiaomi in a few weeks …


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