Uber Problems in Mexico: Attacks and Violations


To date, several users have “denounced” Uber’s security problems in countries such as Mexico. To the extent that cases such as attacks and rapes have been linked to this taxi service company , something that has certainly shocked the country.

Uber Problems in Mexico: Attacks and Violations

When Uber arrived in Mexico it certainly became one of the preferred alternatives due to its great service at a lower price. Arrived in 2015 and positioned as the best transportation option. But time later, insecurity has taken over Uber. Many people do not feel safe and prefer to avoid them.

Uber internal problems

Some users have reported problems with the company

In many cases, users have uncovered problems that have left society in check. Some were victims of extortion by drivers. But the worst is not this, because last year it came to light that a Uber driver had raped a girl. He was shown and sentenced to 19 years and 2 months in prison.

But these have not been specific cases, there have been many more. There is also talk of a tremendous deterioration in the quality of services and poor treatment on the part of drivers. As well as robberies and assaults within the vehicle itself. However, of course, not all cases can be solved by criminal means. It depends on what it is and its gravity.

Uber must guarantee security to its users so that they can freely use the service

In countries where crime is somehow “on the order of the day” it is common to find things like this. But they are a complete misfortune. No low cost service should approach a possible robbery, assault, extortion and rape. We talk about very serious issues, hopefully they have remained in “scares” and that they cease once and for all. For now, in Mexico many users no longer travel peacefully.

What do you think of Uber? Do you think that it will give problems in the long run or you think that this kind of thing can happen anywhere and with any service?


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