The 10 hidden new Android Oreo

Hidden Android Oreo news

Since a few days Android Oreo is official. And today, so that you are aware of its potential, we will talk about the 10 hidden novelties of Android Oreo. If you want to know everything about what is new in what has been cooking time Google, this interests you because they are not things that can be seen “at a glance.” What’s more, I’ve been enjoying Android 8.0 for months on my Nexus 6P and many of these novelties I missed.

10 new Android Oreo hidden

1- Suspend notifications

So far we could only suspend alarms or emails. Now, from Oreo, we can suspend notifications. You will only have to swipe your finger at any notification and you will see this repeating option. You can do it for 15 minutes, 30 or 60 minutes.

2- Duration of the notification

It will be possible to set a timeout for notifications. After that, they will disappear automatically. The developers will be the ones who have to specify it. This way they can send notifications in the best and most orderly way possible.

3- Custom and notification tones

As a user of Android Oreo you can enjoy a configuration of personalized melodies to put as a ringtone or notification. This new feature is now available from this new version of Android 8.0. You can choose it yourself from the Sounds menu. You will see an option that says something like “add all of the call …”, you will only have to select the all custom and ready.

4- Activate WiFi automatically

A new feature will allow you to activate the WiFi automatically as long as you have near high quality networks. That is, even if you have the WiFi switch turned off, the moment you get home, work or simply detect a strong network and quality, will be activated only to connect. If you are interested, you can find this functionality from the section Settings WiFi.

5- The cell phone lights before

As soon as you have Oreo you will see that this is more than evident. Now, with the updates, behind them, you will see that the boot is much faster. Let’s say, the moment you turn on a notification that indicates that it is finishing updating … but at least it does with the mobile on if you want to continue using it even though it is being updated. Some improvements have been made. What’s more, according to Google, it’s 2x faster than Nougat.


6- Applications work better

From your Android smartphone you will see that the performance of the apps is better. Let’s say, they work better now, up to 2 times faster according to Google. It is something that has been achieved with the improvements that have been implemented in the system itself.

7- Selecting Smart Text

Android Oreo will show you relevant suggestions depending on the selected text. In the case where you highlight a phone or postal address, you will have the option to open the Phone, Maps, and more.

8- Support for high-quality Blyetooth transmission codec

After removing the 3.5mm audio jack, Google is adding support for high-quality Bluetooth streaming codecs. That is, we expect it to be compatible with codecs like aptX, aptX HD, AAC and LDAC. Basically, it goes to say that if you have a headset or headphones that support this, you will notice that the audio quality has improved. Ideal if your is the music!

9- Access widgets from app shortcuts

This is one of the first Android Oreo I discovered. (I.e.It’s great, because Google’s kids allow us to hold down any icon on the desktop to access extra features. Just by holding down any app you have on the desktop you will see things. In many apps, you have the option of going to the widgets to put the one that goes with you the most. And by the way you find out that it has widget. You will be able to see all that the app has available.

10- Treble Project

In many cases we will tell you something about Project Treble. Well, it seems that the guys at Google have dedicated their time and thanks to it, we hope to receive the updates more quickly. The goal is for Android OEMs to upgrade to the latest faster than before. It is one of the best news that we could have without a doubt.

Android 8.0 Oreo

This are undoubtedly the 10 hidden new features of Android Oreo

Neither are too hidden because some are going to see continuously, as the penultimate d widgets, but if you have not trasteado much sure that you can not see them all. Because as we tell you are hidden novelties of Android Oreo.

It is a great operation of course. And it sure is going to give a lot to talk about. Now just wait and see how things go with this version.

Do you know anything else you’ve seen? What do you think of Android 8.0?


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