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New feature in Google Maps: Local guides can upload videos

Google Maps has undergone several updates in recent months that have introduced numerous improvements in the application. At the beginning of the month we tell you the main news that the new update would leave us. Something we’re seeing more and more is as so- called local guides (guides local) gain prominence. A trend present in the latest updates.

Also, began to comment on the option to upload video content. Well, it’s a reality. At least if you are local guide. For local guides it is already possible to upload video content to Google Maps. A function that is not yet available to all users, but is being tested this way.

Video content in Google Maps

In the forum that seeks to put the local guides in contact, has been presented a post announcing the introduction of the videos in the application. And the guides are invited to start uploading their own content in this format in the application. In addition, videos can be recorded directly from Google Maps, making the entire process much more comfortable for users. Although, they have a main limitation. Its duration must be of maximum 10 seconds.

Although, it seems that so-called contributors have the option of uploading videos of 30 seconds. But in order to do that, they have to record the video with a different application to Google Maps and then upload the video from the gallery. To make the task easier for the guides, a kind of manual has been uploaded with a series of recommendations to follow when recording your own videos. You can check it here. In them we see a series of examples that seek to guide the type of content that is preferred to have in the application.

It is not known at this time when the videos will be available on Google Maps. If the local guides can already start to create their videos is that the function is already very close to being revealed. It looks like you need to have version 9.60 of Google Maps to enjoy this feature. If you are interested in this version, you have here your APK. We will have to wait to know more about this information about its arrival to the general public.

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