Blackview BV8000 Pro has solved its problems with the camera and now takes exceptional photos

Blackview BV8000 Pro rain
Blackview is a Chinese company that is giving talk about the launch of their devices, just two months ago was launched the Blackview BV8000 Pro, a smartphone every terreiro that practically is resistant to everything, not only has protection against water but is Able to withstand blows and falls that a normal mobile could not stand. Keep in mind that your appearance is very robust and is not a smart mobile.

Buy Blackview BV8000 Pro on for $245.99

Blackview has certainly slowly built up a reputation in the market for rugged smartphones and there is no doubt that the Blackview BV8000 Pro is the most rugged and rugged handset with amazing features that currently exists, virtually this mobile is a high end with demolished truck body Which is beating records in sales or so says the company, claim that they have received about 500k of orders for this mobile. Is not that a joke?

What is the problem with the camera of this Blackview BV8000 Pro?

According to many customers of the BV8000 Pro, claim that they have had problems with the main camera of this mobile device, for this reason Blackview engineers have gone to work on the problem and have found the solution. How do I solve the problem? You have to install the official ROM to solve it, although there are two types of problem, some users say they have a problem of focus and others of blur.

  • For blur problems download this.
  • For focus problems download this.

The camera of this device is something that impresses us considering that it is not destined to stand out, this smartphone has an incredible 16 MP rear camera that does not envy anything to another mobile and we will check it through this gallery of photos that We have taken with a Blackview BV8000 Pro mobile.

You see, take great photos considering that it is not a mobile that has the best camera on the market, Blackview is a company that not only focuses on the development of exquisite products, but also are responsible for improving the experience of User and this means that every time a problem arises, this company will be responsible for solving it as quickly as possible, without further ado, we leave you a link in case you want to know more details.

Buy Blackview BV8000 Pro on for $245.99


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