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So take pictures of the Galaxy Note 8 camera, look at these examples!

Samsung introduced Galaxy Note 8 this week. A device widely expected both by users and experts, after the debacle suffered last year with the Galaxy Note 7. There were many expectations placed on this device, and the brand has not disappointed. It is a smartphone that fits among the best of the year. Although it stands out for its high price, it can limit part of its success.

The Galaxy Note 8 excels in many fronts, also in the photographic. We have already told you all the features of the camera of the device. Now, a few days after the presentation of the device, we can enjoy the first images made with the Galaxy Note 8. Will they be up to it? You can see the images below in the gallery.

Photos taken with the Galaxy Note 8

First, in the gallery at the top, we can find a series of images taken with the camera of the new high-end Samsung. Next we will also show you images taken with the zoom of the camera. But if we focus first on standard camera photos, we can see a wide variety of images. From landscapes to interior photos, to some portrait. Each photo stands out for having totally different light conditions.

Despite that, the Galaxy Note 8 camera knows how to maintain its quality at all times. The photos are sharp, they know how to maintain colors in a realistic way, and it adapts to all kinds of light conditions. So no doubt Samsung has carried out a good job with the device’s camera. But if you have to put a catch, is that in some images the colors can be somewhat flat.

Photos with camera zoom

One of the most interesting features of the camera was that you could take photos with 2x zoom without losing quality. Something that can certainly be very interesting for users. We already have the first images taken using the zoom of the Galaxy Note 8 camera. The prints, as in previous photos are very positive. The photos maintain their quality, and again the colors are realistically represented.

Samsung has made a great effort with this Galaxy Note 8. With this device they try to make forget the problems suffered last year. It seems that they are achieving it. And we see that the phone’s camera is also up to it. If you have to put a catch, is that I think some photos could be more dynamic, but otherwise, we find a camera of enormous quality. What does it seems to you?

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