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Google Pixel 2: Released in October with Snapdragon 836 exclusively

Pixel colors 2

The last few weeks we have been able to learn more about the Google Pixel 2. The last thing we knew was that the device would be launched in four different colors. Although it is not by far the only information we have unveiled on the phone. One of the most important news about this new high-end Google, was that it would have Snapdragon 836 exclusively.

Although the latter was something that was not conclusively confirmed, although everything indicated that it was going to be. Another detail we had been waiting for is its release date. Finally, we already know both the processor and the launch date of Google Pixel 2.

Google Pixel 2: Launch October 5

As previously noted, the device will feature the Qualcomm processor. It was Evan Blass, one of the most reliable voices in terms of leaks, responsible for revealing it. After a while of rumors, the Google Pixel 2 seems to have Snapdragon 836. It is an improved version of Snapdragon 835, one of the best processors we have seen this year on the market. So a great performance is expected from this device.

We have also been able to know something that we had been waiting for quite some time. Finally the release date of Google Pixel 2 has been revealed . The last few weeks were marked October as the date chosen. And it must be said that these rumors seem to be right. Google has chosen October 5 as the date to introduce this new model to the world. Just 1 year and 1 day after the first Google models were released. Definitely a special date for the company. And with that they present the model just before the holiday season.

The Google Pixel 2, as we have discussed, will launch Android Oreo. So there are many expectations set in this regard. A great performance is expected, especially given the numerous improvements that the operating system update offers. Therefore, mark the date in your diaries. October 5 is the big day. Finally we can know the Google Pixel 2. What do you think has Snapdragon 836?

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