The drone on the wrist: Cheerson CX-70 for $61.99

Smartwatches and drones all started out as chunky, odd-looking plastic gadgets before they became the smart gadgets we know today. Innovation is important and something incredibly great, even if new ideas are not yet ready for market launch. The same should also apply to the Cheerson CX-70.

Cheerson CX-70 drone

Surname Cheerson CX-70
Battery / endurance 7.4V 350mAh / 5-6 minutes
Charging time Approx. 50 minutes
Camera 0.3MP
Dimensions 255 x 125 x 40mm (unfolded)
Weight 107g

Is this the future? Maybe someday…

The examples Smartwatch and drones are not chosen by chance, because the CX-70 is at first glance a bit of both. The highlight here is that the drone can be dismantled and carried on both wrists together with the remote control . Instead of the battery, an attachment with a display can also be plugged into the drone so that it can actually be used as a watch.

A brief explanation of how this should work: The two arms of the drone, at the end of which two rotors sit, are flexible. The rotor blades together with motors can be dismantled and the arms of the drone can then be bent around the wrist. The two components with the propellers can then be plugged into the remote control, which also receives a bracelet and finds place on the other wrist.

Cheerson CX-70 drone wrist

Apart from the function times apart, the CX-70 acts however rather mau. Despite the name “Bat Drone” it does not look cool on me outwardly. This is perhaps still taste, but the specified flight time of 5-6 minutes is a bit short. Possibly, this is due to the high weight of over 100g, which in turn is due to the construction, which must now also hold on the wrist. Onboard is a 0.3MP camera that can send a live image to a smartphone with an installed app.

In the video, a Cheerson employee tells us how the whole thing works and looks exactly.


My personal opinion is not quite as positive. The idea is quite good; That the hands remain free during transport is practical. Unfortunately, the drone offers hardly any significant advantages, and also looks too much like a children’s toy. Who is older than 10 years, is wagged with the drone at the wrist funny. Over 50€ I feel as too expensive. In the same price range, for example, the Skyteck TK110HW, which I liked in the test very well.

It is to be hoped that the idea will be further developed. With, for example, a remote control would be liked, which is small enough to go through as a Smartwatch and which is worn throughout the wrist. The trend is actually already yes to small, portable drones with camera (see DJI Spark or Dobby ), and we can certainly expect a lot in this direction.


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