Partaker B5 with Intel Celeron N3150 processor, dual HDMI output and Ethernet

Today thanks to the collaboration of the Partaker brand we present you the unboxing video of the model of passive mini PC Partaker B5, an interesting device since it has dual HDMI output and also has two Gigabit Ethernet network connectors. Like all the passive models of this brand we have an aluminum box that makes of CPU heatsink and that gives very good results thermally, soon we will see a complete analysis where we will see all its capacities.

The Partaker B5 passive mini PC features the Intel Celeron N3150 quad core processor with a 1.6 GHz speed and a 2.06 GHz turbo mode that integrates an Intel HD Graphics Gen8 GPU with 12 EU with a speed up to 640 MHz. Inside we can mount an mSATA disk, 2.5″ disk, a SODIMM DDR3L memory module up to 8 GB with 1600 MHz speed and we have a Wifi a/b/g card as standard with two external antennas, you can also request another Type of wifi adapter with bluetooth if we need it.

As for connections we have four USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, two outputs HDMI 1.4 video, we also have two Gigabit network connectors that allows us to give several uses and two audio jacks in and out.  This mini PC has in the back cover four threads that make it compatible with  VESA supports to hang it in any monitor,  a support is included to put the mini PC in vertical position which makes that occupy much less in a table.


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