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  • A large number of Cubot new products with nice gift are coming soon, are you ready?

A large number of Cubot new products with nice gift are coming soon, are you ready?

Recently, Cubot official website exposure new products of the second half of 2017, the reason why we exposure in advance is to help meeting the demands of different people. The main products is divided into the following categories.

Favorite photography category

Cubot new camera phone is including the following:

Cubot Note Plus: Note Plus is 16 million pixels. The rear camera with SONY Exmor RS CMOS with 1A LED flash with F2.0 large aperture, a substantial increase in the amount of light to solve the poor light embarrassment. The large aperture blurs background, reduce the depth of field, quickly focus on the subject, to help us taking beautiful photos. The front-facing camera with 16 million pixels and soft light, which is good for self-timer friends, especially women.

Cubot X18 Plus: The first flagship phone of Cubot in 2017. With four camera which is barely to see in the phone market, both front-facing camera and the rear camera are dual-lens, 20 million +500 million ultra-high-definition camera. 4GB + 64GB memory combination, eight-core processor. However, Cubot X18 Plus is not expose too many parameters, it supposed to be launch in September. Let’s looking forward for it..

Favorite outdoor class:

Cubot has released a various number of outdoor products this year.

Cubot S1: The latest smart bracelet, equipped with six-axis sensor, can accurately measure heart rate, steps, calorie. Intelligent recognition of different states. Monitoring Weather, atmospheric pressure and altitude. IP67 waterproof level, suitable for small outdoor sports.

Cubot F1: The first Cubot smart watch. Built-in six-axis sensor, continuous heart rate monitoring, no need to wear chest strap. Extreme accurate heart rate data performance, professional high level athlete design. Running, riding, swimming, counting, distance, speed setting, accurate measurement steps for sports enthusiasts. Comes with storage memory function, can work without mobile phone beside you when doing sports. after the movement, synchronized data to the phone, allow you to view your own sports data at any times. IP68 waterproof design, prevent sweat to stop the pace of your movement.

Cubot King Kong: The three anti-smartphone. Professional IP68 level waterproof and dustproof function, the working temperature range is minus 35 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, Work excellent in the extreme temperature and fickle environment, All-round the impact resistant design, the side is the high hardness zinc alloy, angles wraps with import soft plastic, the whole machine made a non-slip processing, thick texture, sturdy and durable, can withstand 1 ton of weight. Cubot King Kong is equipped with a 4400mAh large battery, providing a hardware foundation for battery life. Built-in advanced GPS module, can automatically locate the latitude and longitude, support clear location in the complex field environment. Front 800 million + rear 13 million high-definition camera to help you taking high quality photos.

In addition, Cubot also released the first Bluetooth headset, we’ve learned that the headset also has a step counting, heart rate function, there are 8G memory memory function, it can be used as both headphones and USB, but the official has not released specific parameters ,let us wait and see.

People who pursuit of strong endurance can consider Cubot H3 as well, it is equipped with a 6000mAh mobile phone battery, the battery is use of high-density polymer battery, can effectively extend the battery life, in the situation of full charge, allow for neither continuous call 46 hours nor watching video 10 hours, standby up 365 hours.

People who want to highlight the personality can consider Cubot Magic. Magic is the most popular 3D surface screen, the body eight curved design brings a very different visual experience, rear dual-lens high-definition camera, can help you pursuit the personality well.

Now Cubot is doing new products sharing activities, activities are as follows:
If you share Cubot latest promotions, you will have the opportunity to get one of the following prizes:

  • 1) coupons for CUBOT products
    2) CUBOT commemorative gift
    3) free of charge the above latest CUBOT products.

Please leave your e-mail, your message and all shared connection addresses in the following feedback diagram.
Deadline for events: 10 Sept 2017
Event URL: http://www.cubot.net/latest/
Come and get your favorite CUBOT gift!

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