Is Cubot planned to push its next flagship X18 Plus with higher specs?

As we know that Cubot is renowned for its good design and endurance capability, it has its own factory and with the good supply chain management, the brand is welcomed by fans with great enthusiastic. However, some of them feel a little puzzled. They’re expecting of Cubot releasing a better design device with higher specs. They say the biggest shortcoming of Cubot is lacking of higher end phones.

Cubot aims to benefit the most fans with good intelligent devices. You like it and you can afford it. Its positioning is on middle and lower end devices. This time , for fulfilling the wishes of these honest fans , rumor is coming out from the insider of Cubot, it’s planned to release a higher end smart phone ,it’s named as Cubot X18 plus.

Some people might have remembered the predecessor Cubot X17, its unforgettable design impressed a lot of fans once ,and it has high frequency of lacking of stock on Amazon. One month ago, X18 was released last month, it’s not bad.

If you feel complicated when confronting with so many options of smart phones, why not expecting of Cubot X18 plus? It comes for real this time.

Where to buy

Buy Cubot X18 Plus at for $129.99


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