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Waiting for Vkworld T2 Plus: a clamshell phone running Android 7.0

Vkworld does not seek easy and standard ways. For example, recently appeared on the market clone Nokia 3310, and last year the clamshell phone running Android – Vkworld T2. After a year and a half, T2’s successor, T2, enters the market.

T2 Plus will be the world’s first clamshell phone with Android Nougat. For example, Samsung W2107 is still managed by Android 6.0.


In the official Facebook account of Vkworld, a survey was conducted – which style of clamshell was to the liking of future customers, offered 3 options, with leather and glass. At the same time, the manufacturer claims that the phone is ready for trial production, but experiments on the exterior continue. The photo shows two screens and a mechanical keyboard.


  • 4,02 inch screen, resolution 1280 x 720 or 1280 x 768, the density of pixels is 366 PPI or 372 PPI.

RAM, drive and battery – their volumes will increase, in comparison with T2.

Start date

The phone will be released in a month or two.

2 Comments Already

  1. Dual screen looks cool. Typing on physical keyboard is much more comfortable than virtual one. Clamshell phone is like years ago. Hope there will be more unique phones. I am tired of seeing everything like iPhone.

  2. poor processor and not enough RAM. But anyway I will buy it. Maybe you will produce this Phone in two versions?

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