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The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 is displayed in TENAA, and will not arrive on the planned date

We had already known some characteristics of the next flagship of the Chinese company Xiaomi. First, we were a bit shocked to know that the Mi MIX 2 would not have a camera for selfies according to their latest leaks, and then, we observed images that revealed that the screen of this mobile will occupy 95% of the front of the device, so With this filtration could confirm a little the first point commented.

Now, Mi MIX 2 has appeared in TENAA, the Chinese entity in charge of certification, where it came out with the code Chiron and 3C certification. Along with this important news, comes an even more remarkable, this is its possible release date , which was scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, but thanks to the information collected has been disclosed that it has been postponed, when? It is not known, although what is certain, is that the Asian firm will prepare a super animal to achieve greater ground than it currently has.

What is known about Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

The first point to highlight is the screen, external element that will be modified in size compared to its predecessor, as the Mi MIX came to the market with a panel of 6.4 inches, while the Mi MIX 2 would be getting 6 inches. Also, the bezels have been removed in the mobile, and the company that will be in charge of providing the screens will be Japan Display Inc. Also, we have seen how the frame of the smartphone will be designed with stainless steel, feature that adds more weight, although If the rumors are true, it could come with an aluminum frame.

Undoubtedly, another detail that is worth highlighting is the similarity that will have this smartphone with Samsung Galaxy S8, because the size is similar, without bevels to the sides and with great finish.

On the other hand, two versions of processor are maintained: the Snapdragon model 660 or the 835 of the same family of processors of Qualcomm. If we take a look back, the original Mi MIX came with the Snapdragon 821, which was the best chip of the US brand at that time, but currently the company has some drawbacks in the production of the 835 model, which is why The 660 could be the perfect replacement to be part of the device’s internal design.

The source responsible for issuing the information has not disclosed the possible launch date of this terminal, but due to the little that has been revealed in terms of its technical specifications, we could say that it will not be for the next month, but possibly for October .

What do you expect the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 to have? We look forward to seeing you on all our social networks.

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