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The Galaxy Note 8 camera: 5 news that you can not miss

Rumors about the Galaxy Note 8

The presentation of Galaxy Note 8 has been a success. The flagship of the South Korean brand finally has been released for the whole world, arriving with a price that exceeds 1,000 euros. Were you expecting that cost? As well. Among the many important specifications that make up the terminal, the photographic section has positioned itself as one of the most named in a mobile, and in the absence of evidence, it is very easy to conclude that the camera of this smartphone figures as one of the best on the market.

Regarding the Galaxy S8, Note 8 includes some details seen on the previous mobile, but that does not mean that Samsung has taken a step back in designing the camera with certain specifications seen in the S8, but quite the opposite. What the Asian firm has done is to perfect various sections of the S8 and S8 Plus photographic lens to attach them to the new device, which has proved more than ideal, and then you can realize it.

What’s New in the Galaxy Note 8 Camera

You will be convinced that the camera of this device is even better than that of its main competitors in the global market. Appreciate the design that has integrated this mobile for your photographic section.

The general characteristics of the camera

We can not go into more detail without first knowing the technical specifications that will be in the design of the camera of the equipment. This field consists of double rear camera of 12 MP, one normal and one for telephoto. In addition, it has an optical stabilizer, can record in 4K quality, has Dual Pixel technology, Live Focus, 2x zoom without quality loss and digital zoom up to 10x, f / 1.7 aperture and f / 2.4 to provide greater dynamic range and more images Clear. While for the front, it has come with 8 MP camera with autofocus, f / 1.7 aperture and optical stabilizer.

Lossless zoom is real and very good

Many devices promise to have zoom without loss, but in practice, they comply with little or nothing of what said. Like the iPhone 7 Plus, the Galaxy Note 8 integrates data from the wide angle and the telephoto part to allow a good effect on the zoom of the computer. When taking pictures, a 2x optical zoom is displayed with no quality loss and a 10x digital zoom.

Live Focus mode for better real-time focus

One of the most important features of the Galaxy Note 8 camera is the “Live Focus” mode, which allows the background to be selectively blurred by using both sensors. Compared to a DSLR lens, the Galaxy Note 8 gives us the possibility to decrease or increase the degree of blur, both at the time of capture, and also after it. This means that we can reset the blur when the image is in the smartphone gallery. Also, this option has been designed to save the original and blurry images.

The front camera for selfies, another interesting Samsung bet

Galaxy Note 8 unboxing

Although manufacturers are always focused on giving more importance to the rear camera, Samsung has not wanted to leave this section behind for the Galaxy Note 8. In this feature, the device copies what was seen on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, computers that came with An 8 MP lens, f/1.7 aperture and autofocus included. Likewise, we can activate the camera to take a selfie by simply performing a gesture command.

Samsung overcomes the last mobile of its eternal rival in some characteristics of the camera

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus is a phone call, but in its camera, the wide angle has optical image stabilization (OIS), but the telephoto lens does not have this important feature. On the other hand, Samsung integrates OIS for both rear cameras, both wide-angle and telephoto . Thus with the optical image stabilization, the camera shake can be reduced to counteract the movements of the hand.

These are only 5 new arrivals in the Galaxy Note 8. If you know more details of this section, you can let us know in the comments section.

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