What news do we expect to see at IFA 2017?

The IFA is getting closer faster than we think. In its 100th year, the Berlin event serves as the perfect setting for companies specializing in the design and manufacture of technological equipment to showcase their next products, ranging from mobile and accessories to drones, Smartwatches and other electronic devices.

Companies such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola, DJI, SONY, among others, will take advantage of the fair to teach their new creations. To do this, they will have from the 1st to the 6th of September, looking in these days the attention of the public that attends their stands, and of all the people who are pending the coverage that is made to know their projects.

The most important news of IFA 2017

Without further delimitation, we began by developing a little list of devices that can be presented at the next IFA gala, a fair that will have life in the mythical city of Berlin.

 LG V30, One of the Most Expected

In recent days we have known too many leaks about this terminal of the South Korean company. Among the most important that has been revealed of the mobile we find its price with some additional features, its OLED screen 6 inches and its focal aperture, element that will be the best of all phones today. This terminal will go on the market to compete with other hard of the high range, but we know that LG has put enough hand so that it can be one of the best sellers facing the end of the current year and the beginning of next.

Huawei New 2

Another Asian multinational, but this time in the Chinese region, which expects to present a mid-high-end team for the European market and possibly North American, since the launch of this model came months ago for the Chinese country. Among some of its most important features, we have a FullHD screen of 5.2 inches, Snapdragon 660, 4 GB RAM and 32 GB storage. The camera will consist of 20 MP for its front, while the rear will be dual with 12 MP resolution. It will have to wait if it arrives with a different modification.

Three Sony models: Xperia XZ1, Xperia X1, Xperia XZ1c

Sony Xperia XZ

Another big player hoping to gain ground in the complicated world of smartphones is the Japanese brand Sony, a company that in the absence of a team, is preparing the launch of 3 mobile devices. The first one will compete in a greater range than the other telephones, as the latter will be much cheaper and with lower performance and space characteristics.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro and Gear Sport

Going to the wearable sector, Samsung wants to conquer the sales of all electronic parts worldwide, and for this, sights with the presentation of two very elegant devices: the Gear Fit 2 Pro and Gear Sport. The first of them, will have OLED touch screen, IP68 certification and other important details and very good indeed. Now, from the wearable Gear Sport we do not know much, so it will be a premiere that we will be waiting to know all the information related to this product.

In addition, Samsung hopes to introduce new applications for its virtual reality glasses and a pair of mid-range devices . This information will be expanded when we hear your conference on Wednesday, August 30.

BlackBerry with its KEYONE Black Edition

BlackBerry KeyOne

We had already spoken in previous months of the BlackBerry KEYONE, a phone that wants to revive a bit what happened years ago where BlackBerry phones were in every corner, stop, mall, university and establishment. It is not yet known if this edition will be presented for availability in much of the world, since a few weeks ago the company launched a similar model in India.

And finally, the Moto X4

We have already made known what the leaks of the Moto X4 will be, but what we have not been able to know for sure, is the date of presentation of this mobile, although the IFA takes more and more force as stage of main premiere. To be honest, we did not expect Motorola to continue producing “X” terminals, as those in the “Z” group are doing a great job. It has been commented on a Moto X4 with an affordable price and good features, thus maintaining the value for money in the ideal line.

Do you know any other leaks and models that will be presented at IFA 2017? If so, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section below. We wait for you!

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