Xiaomi Mi 4K Drone for $413 Lowest price @Gearbest

It is long overdue: Already at the first announcement of the Mi Drone, Xiaomi had announced a 4K camera, but this was not yet available. Instead, you had to make do with the 1080P version. Anyone who is enthusiastic about the drone, but has not wanted to be content with Full HD, can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K

Apart from the camera, Xiaomis Quadcopter also has the same characteristics in this version.

It would be desirable, however, synonymous, Xiaomi would sell the camera separately. Since it is removable anyway, would surely meet many owners of the drone with 1080p camera. So far, however, it does not look like, and also the full HD camera there was not so far to buy. Only for the camera a second drone buy is then but something is required, but remains the only possibility.

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