OnePlus will offer better customer service. Want to find out how?

OnePlus is now a benchmark in the mid-range market. Devices like the OnePlus 5, its last flagship, are having a great acceptance in the market thanks to an extraordinary value for money; Are phones with very good performance at a very cheap price. A few weeks ago we told you that the update of OnePlus 5 brings stabilization of 4K videos among other news.

OnePlus finally wants to listen to its customers!

However, OnePlus has a big problem, and that is that your customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Currently, it is precisely the ability of a company to properly serve its customers, one of the most valued factors. That is why there are more and more companies that invest large amounts of money in improving this service with the aim of offering an experience of ten.

Well, it seems that OnePlus has realized just how important it is to offer you good service to your customers for a company like it. The Chinese company has recently announced that it will hold an open forum in London in which it will listen to all users, both customers and potential consumers of the company.

Open Ears Forum, the OnePlus event to serve its customers

The forum in question will be called Open Ears Forum. He will be joined by several members of the OnePlus team, with whom all interested users will be able to speak directly, and expose any doubts they may have.

As OnePlus has explained, the company is ready to improve its customer service for the future. In addition, he pointed out that the entire OnePlus team is continually working to improve; And for that, the information that customers can provide is key.

At the moment OnePlus has not announced when it will hold this open forum in London, but it has indicated that it will be in late September. In addition, all users who are interested in attending it, can participate in a raffle to win a free hotel night and flight.

All users who are interested in attending the Open Ears Forum must submit their applications from August 27 on the website.


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