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Ifkoo Q8 2x4W Bluetooth speakers and alarm clock for $43.28 @banggood

  • by Tyler
  • 1 year ago
  • Deal

For people with a gadget more than just a function, this Bluetooth speaker from Ifkoo might be something. This is simultaneously alarm clock with LED display and radio and looks with the mirror display thereby really good.

Ifkoo Q8 Bluetooth speakers

Surname Ifkoo Q8
Power 2 × 4 watts
Frequency range kA
Battery pack 2500mAh (120h standby)
Dimensions 19.2 x 8.4 x 5.2 cm
Weight 450g

On the outside, the Ifkoo Q8 (a brand, of which I also admittedly has not yet heard) reminds us actually of an old Radiowecker rather than a Bluetooth Speaker, but looks a lot more modern. On the top are the keys for operation, the complete front is mirrored and serves as a display, on which the time and the battery status are displayed. The brightness of the display can be adjusted, in deactivated state it looks like a mirror. Color variants of the loudspeaker in black, construction, gold and rose are available.

To play your favorite music over the boxes, you could either connect your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1 to the speaker, insert an SD card or use the AUX connection. The two 4W loudspeakers should give some and according to the product description 150m² sonnen sonnen, which on the paper first sounds good, but in practice still had to be proved. Apart from your own music, the Q8 can also play radio stations.

Ifkoo Q8 Bluetooth Speaker Back
All important connections are available.

The loudspeaker has a 2500mAh strong battery, and especially for use as an alarm clock, the standby duration is important. This is indicated in different places in the Banggood article times with 3, times with 5 days. Music should play the Q8 – depending on the volume – up to 8 hours. You can wake up from different melodies, the favorite radio transmitter or music from a memory card. Every day to wake up another song, that has something.

Overall, the first impression that the Ifkoo Q8 leaves with me is positive. I like the design, there are different connection possibilities and the use as an alarm clock with display is a practical second function. As an outdoor speaker he is probably not thought, but nominally has the power to provide for musical entertainment at least in small round. Currently, he can be pre-ordered at Banggood for $43.28.

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