First images of the filtered Moto X4

Motorola is another brand that is having a year of the most intense. The brand has already presented enough phones, and is preparing for the presentation of a new one later this week. It is expected to be the Moto X4. A device from which we have already been able to know its specifications. The phone is a mid-range of the most complete, and reasonably priced can work well in the market.

So far we had already known the specifications of the device. Although it was not known exactly how the design would be. Finally, a Motorola and Lenovo dealer in Iran has revealed the first images of the Moto X4.

First images of the Moto X4

In one of the images we can find the back of the device. There, apart from the logo of the brand, we can see the Dual camera that the phone is going to have. In this case, the two chambers are placed side by side, horizontally. And surrounded by a circle. We have also been able to observe that the phone will have a matte finish, although it had been previously commented that it would be brilliant. So it is not known if there will be another version of the phone or another color.

In the other image we find the Moto X4 along with an informative brochure and a small poster with the specifications of the device. The same as we told you a while ago. Although in this case, the only data that does not appear in such information is the storage capacity of the phone. This has led many to speculate that different storage versions will be launched, or different depending on the country. So you just have to wait for the phone to appear and know its price.

Motorola has a planned event on August 24 in Brazil. It has been commented that the Moto X4 was to be presented at this event, although so far there is nothing confirmed by the brand. So at the moment we do not know the price of the device yet. And neither its release date. We expect to have more data on this at the end of the week when Motorola holds its event. And we will see what phone they present in it.

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