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Facebook already has its own section for the Safety Check

Facebook Safety Check

Already for some time the Facebook social network added a feature known as Safety Check. It is really helpful because what it does is to corroborate in some way that people who are in a place where misfortune has occurred are well. And today, the big news is that  Facebook already has its own section for the Safety Check.

For example, last week we witnessed the attack on Barcelona. And people who use Facebook and live in Barcelona received this notification from Facebook and clicked affirming that they were well. From that moment, their mutual friends also received a notification to know that their friend was well.

It is a characteristic that is focused to warn in case of misfortunes. Well now, we know that  Facebook has its section for the Safety Check.

Facebook: own section for Safety Check

The latest news point out how we tell you that Facebook’s Safety Check functionality will have a tab within the network’s own menu. With this feature users will be able to verify that they are well before a situation in which something has happened.

And from here you can learn more about the places where this feature of Safety Check has been activated recently or how these people can be helped in the event of tragedy.

This button will be available from August 21, Monday

From Monday 11th of August we will find available this feature of Facebook’s Safety Check. It will arrive from last Monday of gradual form to all the users. So if you do not see it right now, do not worry, give it time, it’s normal for late because it always happens the same when we talk about new things that implement social networks.

 With this characteristic we will click to confirm the possibility of confirming not only that we are well if we are in a place where a tragedy has occurred, but also we can obtain more information and help those affected. Of course it is quite useful, and soon we will see how it is rolling, because surely it improves even with the passage of time.

What do you think about this feature? Did you ever use it? Do you see it useful?

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