Do not miss the new Android Oreo emojis

The presentation of Android Oreo has been a success, and along with it, also come impressive features that will make this version the best of all. Among its most important data and innovations, this 8.0 operating system adds an improvement in some of the elements we use most every day to communicate: emojis. Thanks to these emoticons, the conversations can be much more attractive, more comical and understandable for everyone, because just adding a face, we can express more clearly what we try to say.

The new update made by Google also gives space for new emojis to be seen with a more work design detailing each section with good features. This redesign in the expressions and faces allows us to observe more details no matter how small the emoticon, something that the American company has given time to prepare, but the waiting time has been worth it.

New designs coming with Android 8.0 Oreo

In case the hundreds of emojis that make life today were not enough, now come artistic designs very good to be sincere. We find new faces crazy, fairies, magicians, mothers breastfeeding their babies, vampires and vampires, goblins, zombies, a kind of genius that came when rubbing Aladdin’s lamp and also women with turban. In addition, there are emoticons with people climbing a slope, performing yoga, equestrianism, playing golf, skiing, sleeping, bonding love and even men floating in black suits.

On the other hand, among the objects we encounter a brain, a cap, a pair of gloves, a stockings and a scarf. Also, animals such as zebras, giraffes, spinach and dinosaurs arrive. In the area of food, comes a coconut, a can of tuna, broccoli, a sandwich, a fillet of meat, a piece of cake, a cup with Chinese food and a cup with cereal, among other things. Also arrive flags and new numerical symbols.

It is important to note that in order to enjoy these new emoticons, it will not be necessary for our device to have Android Oreo, since it will suffice to update the Google keyboard in order to start using these emojis. And while the requirements to add this list of emoticons are not yet known, this update will begin to arrive on some Android computers in the next few days.

If you need more information related to the arrival of this version, by entering the following link you will have all the information to download the new wallpapers of Android Oreo. While if you need to install Android 8.0 on your Google Pixel or Nexus, with this post you can know how to do it.

What emoji do you want to see on your keyboard? We look forward to your inquiries in the comments section.

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