DOOGEE BL5000 and DOOGEE BL7000 boast battery

In our days, the biggest scourge of smartphones is still the battery. It is quite complicated to find a cell phone that will withstand us for a reasonable time, especially if we give a very intensive use to our terminal, and especially if we want to endure two full days, our purpose becomes an adventure. But equally, manufacturers are becoming more sensible about it and know that whoever gives us autonomy for a while, will have managed to win the favor of the public. The Chinese manufacturer DOOGEE works on this and as demonstration we offer the DOOGEE BL5000 and DOOGEE BL7000, two devices with  5,000 and 7,000 mAh respectively.

DOOGEE BL5000 and DOOGEE BL7000, great autonomy in a thin body

Doogee BL5000
Doogee BL7000

Why do manufacturers insist on not offering us more generous batteries? The answer is simple: not to sacrifice the aesthetic aspect. And is that, even if they say that beauty is in the interior, the design of smartphones is one of the things that we look at first when deciding what our next acquisition. If this were not so, why so much boom with bezelless smartphones?

DOOGEE has been able to introduce large batteries into small bodies thanks to the use of polymer batteries of Li-ion, that get a greater capacity in a smaller size.

And the truth is that, as you can see in the images, they have managed to combine the two objectives. The DOOGEE BL5000 offers us a design with eight curved sides and 5,050 mAh of battery, while the DOOGEE BL7000 is built in a mixture of leather and metal with a thickness of only 7.5 mm in spite of its  7,060 mAh. 

New batteries with longer life

Big batteries

In addition, DOOGEE has also innovated in battery technology, which promises to give us a lifetime of up to twice as long as normal batteries thanks to its ability to maintain 85% performance after 900 loads. In addition, they are also more resistant and have passed tests to withstand extreme conditions, such as temperatures between -30º and 65º. And if what concerns you is the time it will take to charge them at 100%, the company itself ensures that we can have them complete in about  three hours of loading thanks to the technology Pump Express 3.0.

Good price

DOOGEE always gives us very cheap prices and once again, the budget will not be a problem, as we can get these models for less than $200. Specifically, we have hunted an offer for the DOOGEE BL5000 for only $159.99 here.

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