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DOOGEE S60: Rugged phone that lasts one month between charge and charge

We have already talked to you about some DOOGEE models. The brand is specializing in making durable smartphones, especially its battery. A good example of that is the BL5000 we introduced to you earlier this month. Now, the brand presents its new device. The DOOGEE S60 . And the battery stands out again.

This S60 is presented as a phone whose battery can last up to a month between charging and charging. In addition, it is a device of the most resistant. A good choice for the more adventurous. We tell you more about this DOOGEE S60 below.

Specifications DOOGEE S60

The device has a robust aesthetic and that seems ideal for those who do many outdoor activities. Without a doubt, this phone is a tough choice. And they combine that robust appearance with specifications worthy of the high end. A good job that the Chinese brand has made. In addition, it is IP68 certified. Apart from that, if we focus on the specifications of the device, this DOOGEE S60 has a 5.2 inch Full HD screen . As for its processor, it has a MediaTek Helio P25.

In the storage area, the phone has a RAM of 6 GB and has 64 GB of storage, which can be expanded with microSD. But, as we have already mentioned, an essential aspect in this device is its battery. The DOOGEE S60 has a battery of 5.580 mAh. In addition, the phone can also act as a power bank if the user needs it. A very interesting option and certainly of enormous utility. So you can load other mobiles thanks to OTG technology. Finally, the device has a rear camera of 21 megapixels and an 8-megapixel front.

No doubt DOOGEE continues to make very interesting advances with its devices. This DOOGEE S60 is a good combination between a high end and a device for athletes. In addition, it can act as a power bank makes it stand out above other mobile market. A good option to keep in mind when it goes on sale next month. It is expected to do so with a price of about 258 euros. If you want to know more about this smartphone go to the following link. What do you think of this DOOGEE S60?

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  1. Not bad, but very expensive. I think I would choose NOMU S10 Pro. It’s
    much cheaper, but overall It’s good in terms of hardware configurations.

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