Samsung Galaxy S9 could have a modular design

Samsung is almost certainly one of the most talked about mobile phone companies today. On the one hand, the South Korean company is pending the presentation of the Galaxy Note 8, which will be presented on 23 August and which we have spoken on numerous occasions, The other day we discovered the price of Galaxy Note 8 before it hits the market. And, on the other hand, next 2018 will land on the market the Samsung Galaxy S9, which do not stop all kinds of rumors.

This year 2017 Samsung has wrecked the Galaxy S8 partly due to the design of the device. With an Infinity Display design that provides a spectacular use experience, now all eyes are on the design that your older brother will have.

Galaxy S9

Will we see a Samsung Galaxy S9 with modular design?

Well, in the last hours, a Russian blogger, @eldarmurtazin (Eldar Murtazin), has pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy S9 could count on a modular design. According to this blogger, Samsung would launch the Galaxy S9 with a design such that users could directly connect a series of accessories to the phone, such as the battery or the camera.

It’s the same concept as MotoMod on Motorola phones. Another recent example of devices with modular design is the Essential Phone 1, which has been launched in recent weeks; Has a full screen front and also has a modular design, so users can directly connect accessories to the terminal.

The Russian blogger has pointed out that Samsung has not yet approved this design for the Galaxy S9; It is more of a possibility among many others. Therefore, it is possible that the modular design of the next flagship of the South Korean company never once the daylight.

At the moment the details that are known of the Samsung Galaxy S9 are not too many. A few days ago we learned that it will incorporate the Snapdragon 845 as a processor. As for the screen, rumors say the S9 will have a screen of 5.77 inches, while the S9 Plus will be 6.2 inches.

What do you think the Samsung Galaxy S9 had a modular design?

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