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WhatsApp will introduce Instagram stories stickers

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in the world, with over 1 billion active users worldwide. We have spoken to you many times about her; A few days ago we told you that you can use the new filters of WhatsApp. One of the main reasons that has led him to occupy this privileged position is the constant introduction of novelties. Well, in the last few hours we have known very interesting information about the arrival of Instagram stickers to WhatsApp.

Instagram stickers will come to WhatsApp!

This information we have known thanks to WABETAInfo, which has filtered a series of captures of version 2.17.50 of the WhatsApp beta. Surely all those who are users of Instagram know the stickers. These appear when you hang a photograph in your story and you can use them to decorate the image. Thus, you can insert for example your location, the time, flip-flops, a beach ball, a heart … Dozens of possibilities within your reach!

Although it is a new information that we welcome with great pleasure, the truth is that already was talking about the possibility of WhatsApp incorporated the stickers. At first it was commented that WhatsApp would incorporate the stickers that can be found in Facebook Messenger. Well, finally WhatsApp will have Instagram stickers.

For now much more information is not known than can be found in these captures. In them we can see several stickers in which users can indicate the time, as well as add hashtag. We also see several face emoticons, which are sure to appeal to users. Now that you have the most doubts is whether WhatsApp will incorporate or not the localization sticker, which we can find in Instagram.

We see how little by little WhatsApp is introducing all kinds of novelties to offer the best user experience to users. If we compare the app that we use today with the one that was in its beginnings, the truth is that it has nothing to do.

What do you think of the arrival of Instagram stickers to WhatsApp?

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