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The Snapdragon 845 will be the engine of the Xiaomi Mi 7

Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 660 and 630 (1)
The great of the Asian telephony Xiaomi is still working on the design of its next flagship: we are talking about the Mi 7, terminal of which we have already known some of its most important leaks, and that, this time, repeats as the boom of the day at One of the most important characteristics that make up a mobile: its processor, section that thanks to the latest information obtained, will mount the next creation of the American company: the Snapdragon 845. Look out for all the other elements that will be present in this processor.

The competition is increasingly uphill for all brands, but in certain characteristics, firms such as Samsung and Xiaomi lead the way, as the first company named was the number one in launching a team with the Snapdragon 835, this phone was the Galaxy S8, but when Xiaomi also produced the Mi 6 outlet with this processor, it was the Chinese company that benefited in several ways. However, on this occasion they wanted to repeat the competition , as we already know that the Galaxy S9 will feature the 845 model of the Snapdragon processor, and in addition, the Xiaomi Mi 7 will also mount the engine.

Data Revealed on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

This generation to be enjoyed at the launch of Mi 7 for 2018, will also feature the integration of 7 nm in the manufacturing architecture, an Adreno 630 GPU to bring to life better graphics that will come along with the design of eight cores . In addition, this technology is added that could be coming with two other projects that have multinational hands like Samsung and Xiaomi: 3D facial recognition and full screens.

Also, it has been known that the release date of this creation of Qualcomm is scheduled for the end of this year, although it would have to wait until the following year to see how this processor adheres to the terminals named above.

As for the orders and shipments, if the rumors are true, and Samsung would have taken the lead by requesting the first chips of the model SND845 for the Galaxy S9, but it would not be surprising that soon Xiaomi take letters in the matter and arrive To order more quantities than we think.

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