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Essential Phone black

The Essential Phone is a device that is not having too easy. From the beginning there have been many doubts about the entire project. Something that has not helped the company too much. And after several delays in its launch, the doubts only increased. In addition, the phone does not come out completely well in the various comparisons that have been carried out.

But there is something that seems to like the users. These are the wallpapers of the Essential Phone. They have gained quite popularity in the networks. And if you are some of those who were interested in having them. We have good news. It is now possible to download the official wallpapers of Andy Rubin’s phone.

Essential Phone wallpapers

A total of 6 different wallpapers are what users can find on the phone. The brand has wanted to offer different styles , because it must be said that none of the funds has much in common. Something that is positive, since it gives users enough of what they can choose. And they are mostly flashy backgrounds, so Essential has wanted to take care of this kind of details in the device.

Unfortunately, not all funds are available in the highest quality. Several of them are, but it has not been possible to have access to all of them in the highest possible quality. At least for now. But overall, they all look good on a phone screen. So there should be no problems in that regard. In the gallery at the top you can see all the wallpapers of the Essential Phone.

If there is a wallpaper that has caught your attention and you want to download it, just click on the background in question. It will then open in a new tab so all you have to do is save it. And so you will be able to enjoy one of the Essential Phone backgrounds in your device. Is there any background that catches your eye? Are you going to download it?


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