Xiaomi works with Google on the upcoming Android One

Xiaomi A1

Things are changing and Xiaomi could culminate its international expansion in a big way, hand in hand with the big G. Yes, we talk about Google and its Android One program, a program adapted to mobile not Nexus or Pixel but with the same essence as thes , An Android to the last.

One of the main reasons to love and hate Xiaomi is MIUI, its personalization interface. Everything has changed with MIUI 9 and this one seems more and more to Android stock but it is true that it takes a while to learn how to manage MIUI at 100%, that time can be a few hours or a few days, it depends on your skill but For nothing MIUI is a bad layer of customization. I, personally, prefer MIUI than many other layers, without hesitation.

Review Xiaomi Mi 5x

MIUI is very good, but Android stock convinces more

If something I do not like Android stock is coming too bare or, rather, it came. Currently Android stock is getting better but formerly Android stock was very incomplete, almost any layer was better than a mobile with native Android.

Well, according to an Indonesian company, it seems that Xiaomi is working with Google on a version of the Xiaomi Mi 5x with Android One. We have analyzed the Xiaomi Mi 5X and we think the best mid-range on the market, it would be ideal to have it with native Android.

Xiaomi A1, the possible alternative

The device seems to be rumored Xiaomi Mi A1, a device that would integrate Android stock instead of MIUI. Android One takes a while in the market but the truth is that bad marketing decisions have led to failure, to date.

Android One was a program that initially was based on a device with a low cost but currently Google looks for a different approach and launching a Xiaomi with this layer would be a success, no doubt. Do not forget that the Mi 5X has a screen of 5.5 inches FullHD, a Snapdragon 625, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.

To this must be added a double camera of 12 MP + 12 MP, a camera for selfies of 5 MP, WiFi AC, Bluetooth 4.2 and a battery of 3080 mAh. Undoubtedly, combined all this with Android One we have potential to see one of the best mobile quality price of the whole year. What do you think?


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