TOCOOL TC-450 suction robot for $159.30: starter model?

Since we were often asked by you, whether we can not even times the suction robot manufacturer TOCOOL to handle, we have looked at the small household aids of the manufacturer more closely. Before we order the  Tocool TC-450 suction robot for testing, we would like to know how interesting the suction robot really is. Here is an overview.

TOCOOOL TC-450 suction robot

Technical specifications

Suction 500 pa (comparison: ILIFE V1 : 500 pa, ILIFE V5S Pro : 850 pa)
Volume 45 dB
Battery pack 2200 mAh
Working hours 2-5 h
Charging time k. A.
Dust chamber 0.6 L
Dimensions 33.0 x 33.0 x 8.8 cm
Weight 2.8 kg
Features Remote control, virtual wall, mini-room mode

When I first looked at the TOCOOL suction robots , I was not particularly convinced. There is a lack of innovation and most models also have sufficient suction power to offer established manufacturers such as ILIFE Paroli. Even with the TOCOOL TC-450, the technical data do not convince me at first sight. The suction power is limited to 500 pa , also the 33.0 x 33.0 x 8.8 cm suction robot has no special features such as room detection , app control or even a camera, The TOCOOL TC-450 is clearly aimed at the target group who would like to spend little money on a vacuum cleaner and does not expect much.

TOCOOL TC-450 suction robot performance
There is only a few details on working hours, but this should be sufficient for smaller dwellings

The TCOOL is available in white and black, the design is rather functional. However, the suction robot can also stand up positively in comparison to other models, the extremely low operating volume of 45 dB and the dust chamber with a size of 0.6 l. The low operating volume can also be explained by the fact that the teat does not work with so much power and thus is less loud. The low volume is nevertheless positive.

In addition, there is a CE marking, IR sensors at the front of the vacuum cleaner to detect obstacles, heights and depths such as stairs, and the ILIFE models Spot, Wall and even a mini-room mode. This mode is known from the ILIFE A6 and the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner . The suction robot then remains in a small area of ​​the room and concentrates only on this. Very practical, if you want to clean the corner of the dog.

TOCOOL TC-450 Suction robot handling obstacles
The TOCOOL TC-450 recognizes obstacles, heights and depths via the built-in IR sensors

An interesting factor would be the exact indication of the working time, but this is indicated with 2-5 h. This can mean anything with the 2200 mAh battery (average for suction robots). The suction robot is charged via the supplied charging station, but unfortunately there is no indication of the charging time. In the automatic mode, the sucker finds this independently. With the remote control, he can be controlled manually, select the individual modes and schedule the start time when the robot should start its service. The most important feature is not to be praised at all in product promotion, but it is the best accessory for a vacuum robot: I have a virtual wall, Which can be used to delimit areas that the TOCOOL is not supposed to follow.


If you are not yet sure about the purchase of a vacuum robot because you want to check the function or test how the pets handle it, you can look at the TOCOOL TC-450. Since I am not only due to the cheap but powerful ILIFE models and the sophisticated Xiaomi suction robot simply more features and better suction performance, I can at this point only with drawbacks that I find the TOCOOL interesting.

how do you see it? Is the TC-450 worth a test? If not, which model would you prefer tested?

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