What is the USB OTG limit?

Usb limits otg

Have you ever wondered about the USB OTG limit ? A user was asked in Reddit this question and many users answered quickly. In this article we have drawn certain conclusions and we will explain below if you ever asked yourself this question and look for the answer. We have seen it in this Reddit thread.

Galaxy S6 USB OTG

The USB OTG limit

The user who created this thread tells us that he had an idea, that of connecting an SSD M.2 in a box of a mobile with its power source to give a device up to 2 TB of storage. He says it may sound a bit crazy, but since USB-OTG was heavily used and is deprecated on Android right now, he thought it might work.

He added that a USB-C of 256 Gb of memory can be connected to many mobiles and that these can accede to the storage perfectly. Then, he thought that they could be added together with their own source of energy in the form of drums to work well.

That said, this user has asked other Reddit users if anyone has any knowledge about USB-OTG and devices that are based on PCIe and could work together doing some to trap to have a permanent storage of 2 TB in a terminal as can Be the Galaxy S8 +.

One user claimed that it might be possible although it would be a bit bottleneck. But there was also a user who came to the conclusion that the idea was not quite good or that it would be more expensive to have another new phone. However, he usually won the opinion that it was going to be very slow.

They are still debating this issue, so we invite you to follow it yourself the next thread of Reddit. It is quite entertaining of course and we can get an idea of ​​the limits of USB OTG. If you have them!

What do you think of this topic? Did you ever express OTG? Or does it sound like Chinese?


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