No, Madrid is not at risk 5 of attack as they say in WhatsApp


The world has mourned the news of the attack in Barcelona. We all regret what happened. On our website, we do not like to talk about these sad news, but sometimes, the need to report it, especially when unscrupulous people try to generate chaos by broadcasting really fake content in social networks and instant messaging applications. Such is the case of a new hoax that has been expanding and becoming viral in WhatsApp.

We really do not understand how there are people who take advantage of these acts to cheat, cheat and try to create even more panic than there is. In the networks circulates a lot of information, but not everything that is said is true. In these cases, it is advisable to follow the forces and organizations of the state , which are in charge of issuing confirmed information and with all the details so as not to cause anxiety or fear among the millions of inhabitants.

The Antiterrorist Alert Level is in 4 and not in 5 as the boolean says

Through the information provided by the Spanish Government, it has been known that the current level is located in the number 4 and not in the 5 as indicated by the message transmitted by WhatsApp. Also, through a tweet made by the National Police, has been observed the false information that has circulated by the instant messaging app WhatsApp, where it is ensured that level 5 has been activated in the face of an imminent threat in the city of Madrid, something Which the security company denies along with a message that urges you not to share messages with false information.

Meanwhile, police and state forces continue to actively work to cancel and eliminate all such operations , deploying special tactical officers and squadrons to neutralize any possible threat.

In order to avoid any type of information editing, messages with false data and threats that have not yet been confirmed, it is better that each user follow the accounts of the security entities by the different social networks, or even verify on their websites, So we will know for sure what happens, how and when it is happening.


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