Xfinity Mobile Comcast Now Available

Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile was announced about three months ago . Finally, the wait is over and from now on Xfinity Mobile is already a reality. And it’s available in all of those markets and retail outlets where Comcast has a presence. It is also available online on your own website which you can visit below. It is a subscription service with which to obtain very accessible rates.

Although it is a service that is limited to all users who already use Xfinity Internet. For those users, if they subscribe now to the new mobile phone service they get a discount of $ 20 a month on their internet bill. So they spend from 65 dollars to pay only 45.

Xfinity Mobile Now Available

Although that sounds great and very appealing to users, it has revealed a problem with this offer. The speed of the internet connection will be slowed from the moment the user has consumed 20 GB per month. So it can certainly trigger into a much worse service for the consumer. It would not be surprising if this measure were eventually withdrawn.

Xfinity Mobile is owned by Comcast and this company uses the Verizon wireless connection . So all users in the United States who use this service should enjoy internet connection. It has also been revealed that as soon as there is any Wi-Fi network available the phone will connect automatically . Although, the service presents a new problem. You will not be able to use the phone you already have. You’ll have to buy a new one. Among the selection to choose you can find a Galaxy S8 or an iPhone. So it will not come out very cheap. Although there seems to be some more affordable options from $ 132. Although, for those Verizon users there is good news. You can enter a SIM of Xfinity Mobile On your device and will work without any problems.

For those who live in the United States and use Verizon, Xfinity Mobile can save money. For those who do not have a subscription with the company, it is not the best option to keep in mind, especially when having to buy a phone.


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